Outdoor Renovation

After the installation of a fiberglass pool, this backyard needed a place for family and friends to gather when they were done swimming. Our customers enjoy having gatherings, so spacious and convenient amenities were designed as part of the renovation to enhance the overall experience.

We started out with demolition of everything on site. We were able to reclaim some things and reuse them in the new landscaping design. One of these things was the colorful outcroppings that were later integrated into their new water feature.

A very unique design in this project was the custom-built wood pavilion- style structure. It had a metal roof and was constructed with reclaimed wood. The cedar beams came from a 200-year-old survivor barn, where the wood had been spared from a massive fire in Peshtigo, WI where the whole city had burned down. All of the wood used was milled from the survivor beams, so the pavilion added a historical value and story unique to this project. The outdoor LED lighting we added for the customers really was the icing on the cake- it creates this feel like you are at a resort and adds a certain ambiance to the project at night.