Pool Service

Keep Your Pool Running Smoothly

In a collective effort to provide top quality pool and spa care Springhetti Luxury Outdoor Spaces specializes in servicing customers that need help with maintaining their swimming pools and spas.

Pool and spa care can be simple when you have a plan for routine maintenance and use the right products. Our team can identify the right products and create a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your specific needs. We do this with a three phased approach.

Phase I – Pool Openings and Closings

Winters in the Wisconsin region can be hard on in-ground swimming pools, outdoor spas and the equipment used to maintain them. For this reason, we recommend a professional pool and spa opening and closing that prepares your equipment appropriately for the oncoming season. Openings are done in the early spring to prepare your pool for summer use and closings are very important because they prepare your equipment for the coming winter. Our team has all the necessary experience to help you maintain your pool/spa so that you get the most from your investment.

Along with closing the pool, It is also important to make sure your inground pool is covered. We offer winter covers in different shapes, ensuring that any pool can be protected in the winter months.

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Phase II – Water Cleaning, Testing, and Chemicals

Your pool/spa should be a sanitary environment that is well balanced. This can be accomplished a few different ways. By maintaining your water, you will help protect your equipment and their surfaces, both of which could be permanently damaged by unbalanced water. Regular maintenance includes keeping pool/spa water, walls, filters and steps clean and free of algae, dirt and other debris.

Testing the water regularly allows you to gauge the overall cleanliness and clarity of the water in your pool/spa. This can be done with simple testing kits or advanced software that scans the water particles. This will provide a clear indication of what chemicals may be needed to maintain a healthy pool/spa.

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Phase III – Equipment Service, Repair, and Replacement

The last step in a total pool/spa maintenance program is making sure all the components of your pool/spa are operating at optimal levels. This means scheduled inspections, repairs and equipment replacement.
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We offer managed maintenance plans to keep your pool/spa in tip top shape. You can always expect courteous repair service from the staff at Springhetti. Whether you have a small leak, need a new filter, or would like an auto cover, you can depend on us for dedicated and dependable service throughout the central Wisconsin region. For questions or to schedule our pool/spa maintenance services please click here.


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