This project was quite amazing because we packed so much into a city lot. It had a little bit of everything when we were finished. A fireplace and fire pit, pool, outdoor kitchen, and under structure. The design of this poolside paradise was unique in all the aspects it included. We used permeable pavers around the pool, and standard pavers under the structure. This was also one of the most ornate and comprehensive structures we have done yet. It was complete with a big screen TV, heaters, lighting, and a fan. It also had the largest bar area we’ve ever done including a kegerator, grill, refrigerator, and an ice chest. We were very careful in how we planned and executed this project so that all the different materials came together and provided a fluid design for the customer.

We faced a few challenges as this was the biggest fireplace we had ever built. It wasn’t originally as large as the final product ended up being but when the customer decided they wanted a larger TV, more infrastructure was needed. This also meant that the fireplace would be much heavier, so it also needed a larger concrete base. Due to all the different aspects of the project, there was a lot of equipment on-site at the same time. This was difficult to coordinate due to the space constraints of a city lot with neighbors on all sides. Despite the difficulty, it’s not something new to us, and so we made adjustments to ensure all the pieces came together. We even had the pool craned over the house. Where there is a will there’s a way!