Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Your Kitchen Is Our Priority

A custom outdoor kitchen will completely transform the way you use your outdoor living space. Taking the functions of a traditional kitchen and bringing them outdoors, these creative features really help you to maximize the enjoyment of your yard! The Springhetti team of professionals will work with you to design a custom outdoor kitchen that fits your style and needs.

Working with one of our dedicated designers will help you get the most from your outside kitchen project. We will work with you throughout the entire process to bring your custom outdoor kitchen dreams to life.

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Outdoor Kitchen Designs And Structures

From preparing cool drinks to hot meals and appetizers, what can the outdoor chef in you imagine? Together we can explore all the possibilities and create your perfect outdoor kitchen to accomplish them.

When you’ve decided on the features you want, we will help you determine the most accessible and cost-effective layout with respect to the entire project. Our professionals will also help you select the right materials that will provide the look you want for your outdoor living space.

An Extension of Your Home

The kitchen is often a centerpiece of the home and one of the more popular places for friends and family to gather. So, why should it be any different outside? We design our custom outdoor kitchens to take the comforts and convenience found inside, and bring them out. Customizing the spacing and size around your hosting needs, we are sure to install a product that you and your guests will enjoy!

As with all our landscaping design efforts, we believe your outdoor kitchen area should not only complement your home but become an extension of your living space. We offer a wide variety of products, finishes and customizations that will make designing your outdoor kitchen a breeze! Our experts will help you choose the correct materials for your project and interest, ensuring that it looks like an expansion of your home, not an afterthought.

Backyard Kitchen Living

Once you have your custom outdoor kitchen, you can expect to enjoy the everyday luxury and amenities that an indoor kitchen offers, but outdoors. By adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard living space you not only increase the functionality of the space, but it also allows you to take full advantage of the outdoor kitchen year-round. Every chef is different and just as you have your indoor kitchen set up in the way that works best for you, we want to make sure the same can be said about your outdoor kitchen. Whether cooking for the family or entertaining guests and friends, your outdoor kitchen space is a focal point that should be about you. Let us help you create the perfect kitchen that allows you to enjoy your living space, while creating memories with friends and family that last a lifetime.
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Our team is at the forefront of customized outdoor living and stone fire pits, fire tables and other fire features are the latest in luxury options for your backyard oasis. These fire features can also be equipped with water features to produce a calm soothing brilliance in your own backyard. Whether you’re looking for something more formal or prefer to keep it casual, The Springhetti team will customize a design that fits your needs and preferences.


Trust isn’t built overnight, but it is built through the relationships we forge with our clients. Throughout your project, we will incorporate your vision, dreams, and your unique style as we work together to create a space that exudes beauty and accentuates your home and landscape.