The wooded surroundings of this project make it feel secluded, offering serenity in the midst of a suburban neighborhood. Our customer loved the natural beauty of the yard and was cautious to not lose it in the construction of the pool. We were meticulous with our installation, making sure that the hardscaping was blended into the existing beauty of the yard. We did not want to mask over what the property already had to offer, we wanted to complement it. After we cleared the lot that was once all woods, our workers managed to leave curves that brought out the topography of the yard. It almost looked as though the woods had always ended there!

Recognizing the sharp edges the pool brought to the project, we intentionally designed the hard materials around it to offer curves to soften the hard edges of the pool. This kept our project from looking separate from the woods. Instead, it drew the eye from the pool to the woods, making it one complete yard. Keeping the construction simple, we created multiple gathering areas around the yard: the pool, the fire pit, and the table area. This allowed for our customers to entertain groups of mixed ages, with a separate space for all to gather and enjoy.