Why would you want to invest in a custom structure for your yard?

Structures are not only the focal point of an outdoor space, they are often the main gathering space as well. Allowing you a relief from all types of strong weather, structures are much more than just something to look at! Whether it is an understructure or pergola, these features bring a visual warmth to your hardscaping project. With options like free-standing or attached to your home, our structures provide a place for customizable cover, gathering and decorating.
Custom outdoor backyard structures Appleton


Let’s talk about understructures. These are wooden structures with solid roof systems that are made of either wood or metal. Understructures are hand-built from custom timber frames and therefore, no two installations are the same! With every detail being designed around our customer’s wants and needs, each installation is entirely unique. Some of the customizable features of an understructure include the type, finish, and color of the wood along with the roof material, possible fan installation, as well as the shape and size of the understructure and the placement of it in the yard.


What is a pergola and how does it differ from an understructure? Great question! A pergola is a wooden structure that does not have a solid roof. Utilizing wood beams to break up direct sun exposure, these structures can come in a wide range of displays. Some customers choose thick beams with large spaces in between as the covering. Other customers prefer their covering to have a criss cross effect with the beams. Pergolas can be designed to be large enough to place a few loungers under, or could be large enough to cover an entire outdoor kitchen! Customizable by the color and type of wood, along with the size, and the covering beam pattern, these features are each one of a kind!

If you are using them to help protect from weather, add to your living space, soften your hardscape or provide an intimate gathering space, there is a perfect outdoor structure design for you! Contact our professionals to see what options would be best for you and your yard.