Why would you want to invest in a fire feature?

Fire features make an excellent gathering space in any sized backyard. An easy addition to a patio or pool, these simple features offer endless social opportunities! Nothing brings a group of people together like a warm fire on a cool night or the invitation for roasted marshmallows. If you have children or simply just enjoy entertaining a fire feature is a perfect option for you! There are three options to choose from. But how do you decide what type of fire feature you want to install in your yard?
Fire feature designs for backyard living


Some of our customers love the classic fire pit. This type of fire feature is made out of sturdy pavers and provides a lasting version of the traditional fire pit that you may see above or in ground. Offering plenty of room for fresh cut wood, this option offers the summertime scent of burning wood and the beauty of sparks flying against the dark sky. These can be customized by choosing to leave the classic paver top or by adding a granite top to match your home’s aesthetic.

Fire Table

Another option that is rising in popularity is a fire table. Fire tables are an automatic flame that is connected to either a natural gas or propane, and only cost about $2 an hour to run. These tables are controlled by a switch, key and fire starter, making them easy to control and safe for your family. Our customers enjoy the ease of this option along with the resort aesthetic that they add to their backyards. Taking away the effort of stacking wood or dodging smoke, these are a very simple way to have the gathering space without the cleanup or work of a traditional fire pit. Fire tables can be customized by the size and shape of the fire table, the granite top, along with the color of the fire stones.

Benefits of a Fire Table

Fire tables also offer the unique ability to be used well past the normal summer season. The size of the flame dictates the amount of heat given off. Therefore, if you are wanting a gathering space, but do not want much heat because it is the middle of the summer, you can set the flames at one inch. If you are wanting to give off a significant amount of heat due to colder weather, you can adjust the flame to twelve inches. The adjustable heat allows our customers to maximize the use of their fire table.

Outdoor Fireplace

Perhaps you enjoy sitting and enjoying conversation while looking on at a beautiful fire and hearth. You may want to consider installing one of our outdoor fireplaces! Taking the beauty of a traditional fireplace inside the home and making it sturdy for the outside, our fireplaces give a homey touch to any backyard. Available with storage for extra wood and customizable accents and materials, these are sure to grab the attention of you and your guests!

Which option is right for you? Call the number below and let one of our qualified estimators design the perfect fire feature for your backyard project!