Why Would You Want to Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are an amazing way to utilize the space that your yard has to offer. Ranging in options from materials, appliances, shape and size, there really is a custom kitchen available for any backyard space! Some customers want simple, so they install an outdoor grill with enough counter space to hold their ingredients and host two or three guests with bar seating. Others install a grill along with bar seating, a keg, a refrigerator and pergola above. We have even had customers add heaters overhead so that they can cook outdoors all year long!

Choosing the right outdoor kitchens store

Expand Your Home

The benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is that it expands the space of your home and allows for use beyond the normal summer season. Generally placed near the kitchen of your home, we install our outdoor kitchens to be within the natural traffic pattern of your house and yard. Looking for easy access to the kitchen to transport ingredients and dishes, we make sure to place the grill in a position that best serves the cook. Offering features like outdoor refrigerators and storage drawers, we look to accommodate any cook’s needs.

A Kitchen For Any Diet

If you are vegan, pescitarian, carnivore or anything in between, your meals will be upgraded when your ingredients are cooked in the comfort and convenience of your own yard. Let your veggies, meats and pizzas be cooked the most flavorful way we know how, in an outdoor kitchen! Year round opportunities to explore culinary pleasures and to be a host people praise!

Extras for Everyone

What kind of outdoor kitchen do you want? If you are a person that grills often, we recommend installing a grill along with a refrigerator. This way you can store the food that you plan on cooking and the drinks that you plan on serving. Add a few extra feet to the counter space and now you have an area for bar seating. Now the cook is not left out of the festivities!

Cooking Under Cover

Is your backyard full sun, but you would love to spend more time being able to cook and prepare meals in the yard? You may want to consider adding a pergola or understructure to cover your cooking space! Breaking up the sunlight can make your outdoor grilling experience far more enjoyable.

Pizza Party

Do you and your family enjoy making memories and eating fresh pizza? Then you should consider installing a wood fire pizza oven, shipped right from Italy! Imagine the memories made as you assemble your custom pizzas and place them in the fire hot oven in your very own backyard! And did we mention that the pizzas cook in only ninety seconds? Talk about quick service! No need to order out or sit down in a restaurant when you and your family can share in the magic in your very own backyard!

Customized Kitchens

How are our outdoor kitchens customizable? Truthfully, the entire kitchen is customizable! No two kitchens are the same. From the choice of countertop material and color, to the pavers used for the structure, every detail is designed by our professionals and approved by you. Grill size, refrigerators, storage drawers, drink taps and sinks are all options available to you!

Which option is right for you? Call the number below and let one of our qualified estimators design the perfect outdoor kitchen for your backyard project!